Aristotle, Born Feb. 13th 2017.


Aristotle, Born Feb. 13th 2017. He’s somewhat of a highlight around the block. All the kids love him and the parents all think he’s pretty special as well. The Berner trait is to sit on your feet so you are left with no other option but to bend down and either pet them or give them a scratch.

He’s just like his grandfather. His Grandfather was Yukon and you can read a bit about how it all came about if you go back a few blog posts and simply look for Aristotle was a long time coming.

Just like Yukon

This little guy loves the cold and spends as much time outside as he possibly can. The other two dogs want in, but not Aristotle. He’s content to lie out on the back deck and just enjoy the cold air. It’s May 8th here and it’s snowing in Ottawa today. It rained for almost two weeks and we have been experiencing colder than normal temperatures.

I’m actually chronicling his life, because I thought it would a cool thing to do. If you like Bernese Mountain Dogs and want to follow his escapades you may do so by clicking on this link. Aristotle’s Escapades.

Hope you enjoy the video that’s at the top of the page, and I’ll add another one at the bottom because in the short time we’ve had him home, he has almost doubled in size and weight. Quite a happy boy and likely the most vocal dog we have owned to date.

The antics he goes through when his bowl comes out at feeding time is something I’m going to try and capture on video.

The video that will be below this picture was shot May 8th while we were sitting in my wife’s Studio. He is seen here with Presto and I love the simple language that they share. I’m always amazed at how dogs communicate with each other.

Enjoy and please leave us some comments on his page should you decide to join us there.

He’s a great boy and so much fun.

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