Attainable Goals, It’s so important

It’s Saturday and many people are embracing the first of two days that they get to take off. For a good portion of my friends it’s called the Weekend. But it’s not that way for all of us.

You see it’s not that way for some of us because we have chosen a different path. We are committed to being successful in various business ventures and in order for that to come to fruition it’s necessary to set goals, but more importantly develop measurable steps to help us achieve those goals.

It’s January 9th, 2016 and there have already been a great number of Webinars, Posts, Teachings, Coachings etc… on how to set up 2016 to be the most successful year imaginable.

I’m off to meet up with some great business partners, and together we will be attending Eric Worre’s Webinar. He will be sharing 10 important strategies to help us make 2016 a very profitable and rewarding year.

It’s important to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, who know more about business than you do. People who are willing to collaborate and help guide you through challenges that they have already encountered but more importantly found ways to work through.

Setting goals is important, but developing an action plan to execute on a daily basis is key to experiencing success along the way. Ray Higdon tells us that breaking things down into attainable small victories for us to celebrate is so much better and healthier than dealing with one big let down at the end of the year for goals that were set, but never really made actionable.

Take some time to find a few people you can surround yourself with. People you have respect for, people who have mastered some skills you want to learn. Solicit the help you need to help move you through the maze of business decisions. It makes life so much easier and it provides you with measurable segments in your road map to success.

Success isn’t elusive it’s just not sought out by everyone in the right kind of way. Scripturally we are advised “Ask and you shall receive.” Try it out it works.

Don Lachance
Have a great day…unless you have other plans.


  1. That’s why I stay connected to you Don. You are someone I consider to be smarter than me in the networking business and you are super sincere and your personality is what I want to reflect to others too.

    You are right small goals are the best when they lead to accomplishing the big goal. In regards to this lifestyle it was almost forced upon us. I spent many years with a company only to be let go. After thinking education was the best route for me after that I was almost let go from a job in academia but I quit right before I was let go I found out.

    It is so hard to put any trust into working for someone else anymore and it’s near impossible to raise a family doing that as well. In the United States you have to be really poor or above middle class to get anywhere and not starve almost. The middle class is being swallowed up. The only real solid life that people can have faith in is working for oneself in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong.

    I am super thankful for doctors and teachers and I appreciate education. I will always be grateful for the experience of investing in my own education and securing a not so secure job with my degree. I simply find it way more secure and rewarding to work for myself and surround myself online and offline with incredible people like you Don. Gotta go work on my little goals now so they will build up to my big goals.

    Thanks for another incredible post!

  2. Rob, i’m thrilled to be on this journey with you. I count it a privilege and an honour to have found someone like you to plug in with and to think I get to work with you on a daily basis, because you have made a decision to follow your heart and create your own reality. In this for the long haul bud. So looking forward to hanging out on the beaches of the world with you and your awesome family.


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