Being Vulnerable is a Powerful Place to be


Being vulnerable is a powerful place to be, but it doesn’t aways look like it is. 

Yesterday morning as I sat in my wife’s studio with her discussing our plans for the day a prompting in my spirit began to surface. As many of you may know I’m a Pluviophile and take great comfort cycling in the rain. The prompting was so strong that I said, I’m going to head west on my bike and go to the lighthouse out at Andrew Hayden Park.

I didn’t know why, but I work at responding to prompting like this without really questioning it. I headed out and didn’t really plan the route but simply rode. I got to my destination and exchanged greetings with a guy who was fishing in the early morning rain. I parked my bike near the base of the small lighthouse there and pulled out my phone. It was time for a FB Live. The message was clear to me. As I looked at the small lighthouse I realized that there was absolutely no shelter or covering for it. There it stood, all on its own to face the elements and the challenging conditions without anything to really protect it.

There it stood as vulnerable as can be.

I realize that the examples of our lives are much the same. When we embrace our vulnerability it creates space for others to connect on a real level. Yes, it’s uncomfortable for us and we often feel great resistance. Our job is to do it anyways. I think we often feel like it’s a journey we need to make to get to the other side but in reality when we surrender to the uncomfortable emotions that surface we find that we are already in the place we are striving to get to.

The Lighthouse’s true value only surfaces when the conditions are less than favourable. It’s in the darkest hour that it’s needed most. It stands against all elements and shines a light to guide and help the sea bearing adventurers find their way to safety. So it is with us. We need to weather the storms and allow our lights to shine so that others know there is a way through their darkest hours.

So many have lost their way. They find themselves in situations they never really imagined they would and often feel depressed and worthless. It doesn’t have to be that way. Years ago while delving into Personal Development I was studying the Book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, and read a quote in that book that changed the course of my life.

“We Find What We Look For”.

Equipped with this knowledge, begin looking for the Lighthouses in your life. They aren’t hiding, they are in plain site. The trick is to begin looking outside your personal circumstances for signs of light that will help guide you and lead you out of the darkness you find yourselves in. You might begin to realize that there are options available to you, and a willing Tribe for you to connect with as you continue your life journey and get equipped to become a Lighthouse in your own right.

Have a Great day…Unless you have other plans.

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