Black and White….or is it?

I’m posting this image, because this is likely one of the most controversial subjects where people have made a decision and stand on either side of the line.

Are all things black and white?

I think for the most part we want to mentally segment issues this way. When things seem black and white it’s a little easier to make a decision and take a stance. Feel sure about things.

Are you in or are you out?
Are you good or are you bad?
You believe or you don’t.
You love or you hate.
You do or you don’t.
You give or you take.

I’ve come to learn there are grey areas in nearly all situations. It isn’t always the undetected space that choice  provides us with, but it’s the grey matter that sits between our ears. How conditioned are we to listen to the internal chatter that the grey matter peppers us with? It wants us to believe that things are black and white, it’s safe when that happens. It’s purpose is to keep us in our safe zones.

I remember in some of my first A.A. meetings hearing that Alcoholism or our addiction was cunning and baffling. I couldn’t figure out what the heck that meant. I was sure that it was all black and white, I either drank and used or I didn’t. That was the truth. If I wanted to stay sober it was simple, don’t use and don’t drink.

The healthier I got and the more I understood how pull was being created for me to go ahead and try to drink sociably, the more complex things got.

I began to realize that it had nothing to do with me not drinking, or even me picking up and drinking socially, it had to do with how cunning that grey matter and inner chatter get’s to help us avoid all change. To avoid what it perceives as a chance for us to fail. Our grey matter is cunning and a Master at deceiving us into resisting change.

We set out to make our decisions based on black and white outcomes, but remember, once the grey area set’s into releasing all that chatter and  it’s not understood, we often sit in limbo and that’s the most comfortable place of all! The outcome is the exact opposite of what we are seeking. If this isn’t baffling, then I don’t know what is.

My intention is to get you thinking, and stirring up an awareness.
If you find value in my posts, please comment and share with others, and remember I love feedback and conversation.

Don Lachance
Have a nice day….Unless you have other plans.


  1. BIRD

    This was AWESOME, thanks for sharing

  2. Rob

    I agree with BIRD Don. This is a great blog post. Thanks for your great insight. Two thumbs up!

  3. On Point.
    In Purpose.
    Catalyst for the grey matter and the heart.
    Thank You For Shipping This.
    In Progress,

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