Bring in the New, While embracing the Old

It’s confusing isn’t it? We feel this incredible need on December 31st each year to usher in all kinds of new habits, make all kinds of decisions for our futures. Implement the changes that are going to rock our worlds.

I’m sitting in my office as I type this and find myself struggling with some of the unmet commitments that were made last December 31st. What do I do now, it’s December 31st again? Do I go back over my list and beat myself up? Will that serve a higher purpose? Will it make the upcoming year a better one? Will it be the catalyst that catapults me forward into the newness of 2016?

I’m going to take a different approach this year, and I’m going to be diligent in expressing gratitude towards the things that have equipped me with some hard lessons about life. The things that have taught me that although I’m well intentioned I can get sidetracked by the challenges and things that come up on a daily basis. I’m stepping into “the now” and embracing this moment in time. Today is going to unfold exactly how it’s meant to. I’m powerless over that, but I can control how I react to it. I will love myself today, I will embrace my frailty and all the things that make me vulnerable. I will take the lessons as they are delivered and build on them as best I can. I will set out goals but will do that daily and build on the positive lessons that each event delivers. I will surround myself with people who are smarter than me, who are more forgiving than I am, who have bigger plans for their lives, who want more for their families, who keep going no matter what the day delivers, who have way more figured out than I do, people who deliver value, people who want to roll up their sleeves and work with me despite my shortcomings and I will learn from them. I will accept their gifts, their ideas, their kindness, their struggles, their passions and I will implement all the things that apply to me. I don’t want to forecast what 2016 looks like until I get through Jan 1st and everything it delivers.

But this I do know, I will get better each and every day if I remain present during that time frame. The small things will take care of the big things and the big things will grow beyond my limiting beliefs and help me grow in mind, spirit and worth. Worth as a Father, a friend, a co-worker, a mentor, and guide and person.

So here is to bringing on the new, but doing it one day at a time!

Don Lachance


  1. Shahbaz Khan

    Love this Don. Small commitments one day at a time. Reminds me of a quote: “It’s an apple a day everyday. Eating 7 apples on Sunday won’t get it done”.

    1. Thanks SK hope you enjoy my content. Would love a follow.

  2. Rob

    Wow! This post really challenges me Don! Embracing the challenges that I have faced this past year and being grateful for them is something I must do in order to grow and change to a better person. Thank you for your inspiring insight brother! Love your wisdom.

  3. Barb Davis

    Thank you Don for taking the time to share your wisdom, smarts, humour and incredible life experience with a wider audience.
    Learning more each day is one of my goals for this year and here you are delivering a beautiful opportunity for me to do exactly that.
    With love, gratitude and a great big Happy New Year,

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