Byron Bay, New South Wales Australia

Don’t panic, we are safe, despite the reports you may have heard on the News about the shark attacks on Byron Bay! We are well and still walking the multiple beaches that abound in Australia.
Here is a short clip of me introducing our destination

Beautiful Byron Beach

There is something to be said about the education you receive while traveling and this trip has been a real eye opener for me. About 7 or 8 years ago I met a guy by the name of Peter George while messing around on FaceBook and looking to have conversations with people from different parts of the world. I sent him a friend request and we just kind of clicked. We’d speak occasionally and then the conversations got be a little more regular. Before long we were good friends. One thing led to another and in the last little bit we began chatting about actually meeting face to face.

Well my wife and I made our travel plans.  Pete and his awesome wife Jane actually volunteered to host us while we were in Oz and we decided to take them up on it. Long story short, it’s been spectacular and even more exhilirating that the person you had never met in face to face could become a best friend.


Here we are shortly after arriving after a long flight. It was exciting to finally meet my good buddy face to face. We are having fun as they tour us around this amazing land.

Little did we know that Byron Bay would be such an attractive place.
More good times to come I’m sure as we are now planning a get together this coming August so we can spend some time on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.

I’ll keep you posted and do a few more blog entries based on some of the interesting things I learn along my journey.

Have a great day folks…unless you have other plans.

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