Crossing off Bucket List Items

Bucket List

Experiencing someone you love crossing off Bucket List items has got to be right up there in the emotional realm. I got to experience that a short while ago as my wife Lauren and I got to hang out with some pretty amazing friends in Australia.

Peter and Jane George toured us around like we were Royalty. One of the tours included a visit to The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. (Check it out Here) It was something that we had been looking forward to and little did we know just how natural the setting would be. I’m not a big fan of the Organized Zoo and this was really nothing like that. It was a much better experience for me.

I must admit that I was excited about seeing Australian Critters up close and personal, but my wife was beside herself with excitement and JOY! I can honestly say that she was having great difficulty holding back little kid like squeals. It was pretty amazing to watch her get excited about standing in line so she could actually hold a life Koala. She has been a fan of wildlife from an early age and one of the animals she’s always loved is the Koala.

I could see her excitement build as I stood with Jane and watched her move through the queu. Peter who’s a professional photographer had made his way to the other side of the barricade and the picture he took of her with Jenny (Koala) can be seen on my wife’s FB profile as she posts them.

Watching her from a distance was one thing. That alone filled me with a sense of accomplishment, but to hear the tremor in her voice and watch her eyes well up with tears of joy as she expressed how excited she was just happened to be as thrilling for me as it was for her I’m sure. We moved through the rest of the Sanctuary and got to experience Kangaroo’s in their natural setting, along with wombats, dingos, Lorikeets, snakes, Crocodiles, and hundreds of bird species.

I had never realized how big the Emu really is and was treated to the growl they emit when they are getting ready to charge. I was clueless but took notice when Peter, who was busy taking pictures, heard it and made a beeline for one of the park security people. Little did I know that he had experienced their aggressiveness as a kid and wanted no part of this one.

As an adventure I’d highly recommend it if someone is ever on the Gold Coast. Treat yourself and maybe a loved one who has a similar Bucket List Item they would love to cross off their list. It’s as exciting for you as it is for them.

We had such a great time while we were there that we are already planning a get together this coming August on one of our favourite Islands. Stay tuned I’ll surely be sharing pictures and telling you all about that.


Have a great day folks…unless you have other plans.



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