Do This, no this, no that!

shhhShhhhhh! I know it feels like we should have our heads on swivels and not necks. It’s ok, we’ll get through this.

Today I want to share a few tips on how to avoid the trap of falling down the rabbit hole. I don’t know about you, but the minute I commit to being organized it seems like all Hell breaks loose. I’m sure it’s more a psychological state, but it sure seems real.
First things first. Stop!

Take a deep breath, slow down, and feel the tension… let it go as you exhale. I mean seriously feel it, and let it go. Now let’s begin.

  1. Make your list of the things that need to get done the day before. Don’t just wing this, write it out and don’t be afraid to go over it multiple times. I like to put time aside at the end of my day to get this simple yet important task done. (Habits i’m developing daily). It’s important to have it written down because it’s your roadmap to the activity you will be subjecting yourselves to in the morning. It doesn’t have to be a long list, but it needs to be a list of productive tasks, not just things that keep you busy.
  2. Begin your day by placing your list on a clean work surface, clutter free (less distractions) Now take another deep breath and begin to work through the list. Turn off all the potential technology traps that might distract you and close your door to the outside world if you need to. Make sure that if you work from home the other family members understand that when your door is closed you are working and you are off limits. Work through your list.
  3. Reward yourself once you have finished the things that you had on your list. This sounds silly to some of you, but it’s important because it begins to shine light on a sometimes seemingly unending and daunting task. Be good to yourself. Make sure the reward is beneficial to your health or mental well being. For years I would have rewarded myself with other things…but I digress.

If you begin to implement this simple discipline you’ll find that your day will whiz by and you’ll begin to experience a calmness that will help you move through the challenges and responsibilities of being organized without that feeling of being overwhelmed. Start off by taking baby steps, but take those baby steps. It’s so important.

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Don Lachance


  1. Rob

    Great tips Don! I left a comment on the video that I do this on my phone. I usually operate from a list on a daily basis. I use to carry a calendar with me but since I got a smart phone I use that.

  2. I don’t think it matters where the list resides Rob so much as it’s important to have the things written down and prioritized. Makes for less stress and quicker to get to the reward part!

  3. Jean Wayne Belliveau

    Happy Friday (The fifth one of the week for us young boys, lol) I imagine is off to an exceptional start as you are so often intentional that it be so. Love this post as I’m currently working through one of my lists and reminded of the sheer pleasure one can have crossing out or checking things off. I’m accompanied presently by a pleasant serving of Dale Carnegies, How To Win Friends and Influence People (Audio Book). Whilst reading through the post I thought to myself, boy Dale would find DVL to be one splendid lad, sharing the ‘secrets’ of success to all willing to invest but a few minutes to their review. Servant leadership… ON A DAILY!!! Thank you Don, love and appreciate you my good man 😉

  4. JWB thanks for the kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Please don’t hesitate sharing this with anyone you think will benefit from the daily read.

    Thanks so much

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