Elation, try adding “R” to create Relationship

Elation, try adding “R” to  to create Relationship

Have you stopped to think about elation as an emotion that is not experienced often enough?

I mean, when it comes to the awesome profession of “Networking”?

When you pick up a phone and talk to someone for the first time and that turns into a conversation, do you feel a sense of elation?

Does it excite you?

Do you think in those terms or even recognize it?

There are so many posts and promptings to follow this, and follow that, to learn how to generate the all powerful lead!
What happens once that “lead” is generated?

What now? 

We are taught and often repeat how this is a relational business, yet we generally treat it the exact opposite.
We are so often transactional in our approaches in how we introduce people to what it is we do and how we do it.
Then we wonder why we aren’t getting ahead? 

If we understand how to manage elation, and make a decision to be intentional about it, we then are equipped to add the Illustrious “R” to the word and begin to build the “R”elationship.

If we look at the first two letters of the word “Relation” it’s an indicator that the emotion of elation needs  to occur more than once. Let me explain, we can establish initial contact…that first call, that’s where we experience “elation” but when we “Re“establish  communication we reinforce the strength of the message.

So if we understand this concept then we begin to experience different outcomes. I know in our excitement we want to get to the point as quickly as possible, because we are thinking that we only have a tiny bit of time to “get” that new contact into our business, so we up the speed of our chatter, make it all about us and push out the proposition looking to “Close”

How can we expect to close anything if we haven’t understood the real power of “Opening” them first. By re-establishing contact we get the opportunity to investigate and probe seeking clarity.

This activity in and of itself creates pull in the conversation and now we have a totally different ear, listening to what we have to share. The questioning activity ends up turning around and now we are answering questions and providing true value to that prospect, as opposed to pushing out all the things we consider important.

So my point is, make the initial contact via phone, (which will set you apart) and attach success to the emotion of elation you get to experience in the initial exchange?

Make it all about the person on the other end of the phone. Then you can become intentional about adding that “R” to the emotion and building on elation.

Turning it into the required and much sought “RElationship”

Closing a deal has an awful lot to do with how you Open the deal.

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