Escaping Instead of Dreaming

I chose this image for a very specific reason. A crib, a bed, the very spot that we get to close our eyes and potentially dream. But what do we dream about?

In the busyness of our lives, I think we often get weighed down by the crap that constantly surfaces, to remind us just how far off the path we are. I believe that not having an understanding that we even have a “PATH” is one of the biggest problems that we have to deal with. The world has become extremely adept at providing us with the great Escape. But is that enough?

I know in my case, escaping can be going for a cycle, out for a run, gazing into emptiness, frolicking with my dogs. For others it’s the often negative buzz of a television set, or loud music coming from earbuds as we listen to our favourite music. Or the latest craze on the Gaming Front. Whatever it is, it’s often a far cry from “DREAMING”.

We escape feelings, environments, people, discomfort, thoughts, goals, responsibilities and we get very good at just shutting down. I spend a fair amount of time trying to avoid the escaping vehicles, because i’m understanding more and more that they are nothing more than a hiding place for us to stagnate. We lull ourselves into believing or at least accepting the fact that it’s ok, to celebrate Friday, because we have the weekend coming and after all we have worked hard all week in anticipation of it’s blessed arrival! How many fit into this category?

We plug into our favourite shows, our much deserved PVR’ing schedule, and then all of a sudden it’s Sunday….and we are back to the grind! Another great relaxing weekend behind us; having spent most of it escaping from the hectic pace of our last work week. Now we are heading back into another work filled week to begin the wait for Friday. Can anyone relate? Is it enough, is it fulfilling, does it rejuvenate, is if filling us with purpose, are we feeling complete? Are we motivated?

I believe we have lost the ability to DREAM, or we intentionally bury it at least. Yes we dream while we sleep in our cribs, but as we move through life and out of the crib, we move into a regular bed as we age. We might dream during those times of sleep, but are soon pulled from that and forced to step into a world that drives us to escape. From an early age we are conditioned to “Not” Daydream, with terms like “Don! get your head out of the clouds”. “Pay attention”. Pay attention to what? because while we dream, we are really building a future in our minds of what life can really be like!

What was it like when you allowed yourself to DREAM? When you allowed yourself to create your perfect world? Do you create time for this to take place now? Seriously, stop reading right now, and put some thought into this, or better yet make an attempt to DREAM. Make a decision to start doing this on a regular basis. Watch how things will begin to shift for you.

Here is what i’ve come to learn after spending as much time as I can DREAMING.

Escaping shuts us down, it’s really taking us away from all the things we consider to be unpleasant. The things that we aren’t thrilled with. We shut down from everything. We slowly let go of wanting to dream because dreaming paints a picture of a much different world. We just don’t get to see it often enough. It paints a picture of a world where we are happy, where we are often fulfilled, where the impossible becomes possible. But if we don’t allow ourselves that luxury, we begin to settle for the escape, and that my dear friends leads to nowhere! Well maybe not nowhere, it leads us to Celebrating the arrival of another “FRIDAY”, quickly followed by the dreaded arrival of “MONDAY”.

Make the decision right now, that when you feel like it’s time to unplug and escape that maybe it’s time for you to Dream. Don’t wait until you are asleep to live in your perfect world, be intentional and begin DREAMING while you are awake and start down a road to creating your perfect world. We all have this ability, it comes with our ability to be free thinkers, it’s just that some of us need to be reminded that we have that ability.

Wake up and DREAM, it’s real, it’s yours for the taking.

Don Lachance
Have a great day….unless you have other plans.



  1. Great post Don! This is what I do a lot of and it has provided me with great results. Dreaming is really like a part of my reality that I almost forget to appreciate the dreaming. Thanks so much!

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