I’m great at getting started.

Two things on this snowy Jan 3rd. Both things came to me via e-mails. One was from Ray Higdon and the other was from Seth Godin, you can click on both links and check these masters out.

Ray’s post talks about “figuring things out.” I read it and it brought to mind some things I learned from having attended a live  Eric Worre, event. These guys have achieved the status they enjoy because each of them have figured it out. Not necessarily all on their own, but they certainly have figured it out.

Seth shared that it’s not enough to be known for getting things started but that we need to persevere and become known for our ability to polish and complete things that we take on. “Ship our work” as he likes to state.

I’m guilty of most of the things that these guys talk about and I know it’s what holds so many of us back. We want others to figure things out for us so we can, “get on the bandwagon” and feel like we are accomplishing great things. Guess what? It always leave me feeling shallow. We all have great gifts to share and like it or not, we have a sphere of influence and people in our lives that will never be affected by some of these greats if we don’t figure out how to step into our own greatness. Hear what i’m saying…they will never be reached.

Now I want to encourage you to not only get started, but keep going, hit the roadblocks, figure it out, make it yours. Have the courage to fail, and to fail again. Daunting yes, but once you own it, then and only then is it yours to give away. The best part about all this, is you can surround yourself with a bunch of people who are figuring things out. You won’t feel so alone, but even if you do, keep going because you will begin to attract that segment of seekers who only you can help. So if you want to help them, then begin to help yourself.


Don Lachance



  1. Rob

    I love this post Don. I’ve made many mistakes but not on purpose. The greatest mistakes I’ve made are the ones I’ve tried to learn from. I’m still making mistakes and will as long as I live I suppose. I’m doing a lot of figuring it out. 👍👍

  2. olu

    Great post! Absolutely right Don! Most people fail because they are so afraid to fail!

  3. Salma

    Very inspiring post Don! It is only when we get started that we can truly understand our own strengths and weaknesses. There’s always room for improvement besides there’s really no journey out there without obstacles.

    In fact, obstacles helps us to be be creative in our approach, event at times it helps us to step out of our comfort zone.

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