I’m scared and I’m lonely

What? How can you say that? You work with people day in and day out! Yes I know that but doesn’t everyone know or understand what it’s like to be alone in a line up?

If you think that reading a title like this is uncomfortable, Imagine what it’s like typing it!

I’ve had some interesting conversations in the last hour and i’ll attribute the term “Interesting” to the fact that I was completely intellectually and emotionally detached from the outcomes. I believe that my ability to be detached stems from the education that I’m putting myself through in order to really understand the power in Vulnerability. I’m sharing this because it’s not a topic that most people are geared or comfortable having discussions around. It’s even harder to find people who have embraced it to a point that they can teach on the subject.

I was going to say “Lucky for me” but luck has nothing to do with it. I have intentionally been searching out people who are embracing the subject and handing true freedom over to others who are willing to have a long hard look at their own personal Truth. They get to hand that Truth over because the people they are speaking with have made a decision to be brave enough to face their vulnerability and are looking for truth.

We have all heard the term “The Truth shall set you Free” but what does that really mean? I’m learning that it means to understand the relationship that we have with self. It’s not about what we do for work, or how we earn our money, but more about the reasons we do them. Are the work activities truly in alignment with who we are? Are we doing things that make us Happy or are we chasing success from an intellectual perspective?

Here is a quote from Philip McKernan that  floored me and got me thinking. No let me be a little more accurate with my words, it got me feeling. “Success is manufactured in the mind, but Happiness is cultivated in the Heart”. Wow i’m still digesting it and heard that for the first time yesterday.

Let me get to the point of what my intention is in posting this.

As stated in the first sentence yes I work with people and i’m surrounded by them all day. You see I’m a Professional Network Marketer and I believe in attraction marketing and have implemented some proven methods in order to experience the results of my attraction endeavors. Here is the rub for me. I’ve been looking to attract people who want to be successful. People who are willing to plug into all kinds of mindset training. People who are willing to educate themselves with all the great ways to build their Network Marketing Businesses. Who know how to learn so they can implement all the various strategies. People who are, by the world’s measuring system able and capable of being successful.

Here is my Truth. I’ve been failing miserably and i’ve been failing miserably for a great number of years. I’m understanding more and more why this is showing up for me. I’m not really in alignment with my Heart. I’m looking for all the wrong things. So beginning right now i’m looking for people who are more concerned about finding out why they are reluctant to enter this profession, people who truly have servants hearts but for one reason or another haven’t found success or that feeling of fulfillment. People who are willing to explore what their Truth is. People who are willing to embrace their vulnerability and learn that it’s a strength that will help clear the path for others. People who are afraid and looking for guidance and a helping hand. Those are the people that I’m looking to attract. I know you’re out there, but the critical thing is that now you know i’m out there as well and looking to serve on that front.

I often say that conversion takes place in conversation. Let’s have one and see where it goes. 613-294-3233, i’d love to chat. I know that connecting with like hearted people will make all the difference in the world. Yes you read that right, I’m not looking for like minded people I’m looking for like hearted people. I’m looking to attract people who are more concerned in helping others uncover the reasons why most of us resist the option of of stepping into the freedom our profession offers. Let’s have fun and live in the freedom that we are all seeking. Let’s cultivate that happiness as a team and let’s doing it while embracing our Vulnerability. Yes a scary proposition but it certainly isn’t Life threatening. We haven’t lost anyone yet!

Don Lachance
Have a great day…unless you have other plans


  1. I have to share this blog post. Wonderful words. Thanks Don! 🙂

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