Invest Learn and Teach C’mon you can do it!


Invest Learn and Teach. I know we all seem to feel inadequate to take this daunting task on. But really you can do it. Ray Higdon teaches this and it’s really quite a fun concept.

The investment doesn’t always have to be money based. Sometimes the investment we need to make is simply taking the time to learn something. The resistance to take that knowledge and teach others is where the battle sets in. We always want to seem perfect. I don’t know why, it’s just our nature as humans I guess. The one thing that can set you free is understanding that you likely know more than the person who’s turning to you for the lesson.

Just be willing to let the information seep from you and let others who are looking for it be attracted to you. The trick on this front is to share without any agenda. This will help you and a few fronts and will definitely help those who are looking for what you have to offer. The more you share, the more confidence you’ll develop.

It’s a good feeling to help others. When you think about some of the people you learn from, what methods do they apply? What makes you comfortable learning from them? Then once you have some of the answers, mimmic the things that make you comfortable and let others experience the same comfort. Try a few different things and soon it will feel normal for you to share and teach others the great things that you are learning.

We overlook the simplicity of this very beneficial concept and it robs us of some valuable lessons and in turn robs those who might be needing to hear those things.

The key: Don’t make it complicated. Keep it simple. Share from a comfortable place and watch the great things that happen as a result of that kindness.

Win Win for all involved.

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