Jan 1st 2016, great start to the Year

Well, it’s here and i’m stepping into it. I’m going to be doing my utmost to live in the moment. We bundled up and brought our boys to our local leashless park.

They love it there. It’s always fun especially on a day like today. Yukon is getting socialized and is beginning to enjoy it more and more as he spends time there roaming and taking in the buffet of dog smells.

This post is here today for nothing more than pure enjoyment. I want 2016 to really be filled with more Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment so I figure it’s up to me to make that happen.

Some posts will be geared towards personal growth, some towards business building and some towards just plain fun.

Hope you enjoy this post.

All the best in the New Year from our house to yours. Here’s my super supportive  wife.



  1. Rob

    I really enjoyed this video! I also love the beautiful picture of you and your lovely wife. The snow is beautiful there too. I left a comment on your channel that my wife would move there in a heartbeat. She loves the snow so much. I think it is nice but I can’t stand the cold. I’m sure I would get use to it. Thanks for sharing your videos!

  2. Mikaela

    Love this blog post. I also love the concept of this whole blog. It will be nice to keep up with whys going on in your life. Happy new year!

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