Learn to receive kindness with grace


Learn to receive kindness with grace. I read a post on FB this morning and it really got me thinking. 

It got me thinking because I saw things a little differently than the author did. I have to tell you about this guy. His name is Bonnie Cribbs.

He started a group a while back and called it “Walking into Greatness” You can check it out here. Walking into Greatness with Bonnie Cribbs

He set out on a mission to make some changes in his life and to inspire others to seek the greatness in their own lives. From my perspective he’s been very very successful at accomplishing what he set out to do.

I read the comments from all the other members who have made a decision to tag along and in the process get inspired and begin changing things for themselves and they help spread that optimism into their spheres of influence. It’s so freakin cool to watch it all unfold.

Well today he posted something on his profile about feeling pain in his knee and sat down to lessen the pain. He was having some difficulty getting up and began to feel badly about people reaching out to help him get to his feet. No need for me to go into great detail here because you can read the post for yourself on his page through the link I provided at the top of this post. Anyways a few negative thoughts were getting to him, but he’s seasoned enough to know that confession allows light in to change any dark mood. So he was showing up authentically and talking about his true feelings. I commented on his post to maybe help change his focus because I think it’s the same for all of us.

As givers, and people who want nothing but the best for others, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that we also need an encouraging word, to have someone reach out and help us with our challenges. I know in my case I don’t always want to accept the help because I think people will see me as less of a person, or as being weak. And that is not very healthy in any way shape or form. What if the person dishing out that act of kindness is suffering from any number of self defeating learned behaviours or attitudes and us allowing them to lend a hand or help us up and out of our situation is the exact thing they need to make them feel the value they have?

Who are we to deny them of that. On any other day we’d be bending backwards to try and make them feel that way. The secret is to just let go and allow them to give something to us. What makes it such a challenge? Look at the pleasure we get from giving, from helping, from spreading good will and cheer when we think others need it, yet we are quick to rob them of the same joy and good feelings that come with from just accepting their help, or kind words. Smile and just say “Thank You” and mean it.

If you think I’m pointing fingers here, you are 100% correct, but i’m pointing the fingers at myself. The truth is, I know how much being able to give provides us with feelings of value, how it boosts our self worth, our feelings of significance. So i’m on a mission to course correct, and to allow others to help, even when I don’t ask for it, because we just don’t know how that can change someone else’s life.

If you got any benefit from this, please comment and share it with friends or others you think might benefit as well.



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