Let’s end Silent Suffering!


Let’s end Silent Suffering!

Let’s end Silent Suffering. What is a Silent Sufferer? Well after much thought and lot’s of conversations, and I mean real conversations with other broken men. We are coming to understand that despite great gifts and lot’s of talent, many of us suffer in silence.

By the world’s measuring methods everything looks great from the outside, because the veneer of success is spit polished and is crack free. The “stuff” is evident: The nice house, the great cars, the stay at home MOM, the kids in private school, the cottage….and the list goes on. The catch is, that often these things are the very traps that keep us captive. We live in prisons that are created by our ability to turn on money taps yet the work we perform is often unfulfilling. Day in and day out we go through the motions. The debt load is killing us, but we need to keep grinding because if anyone knew just how broken we felt, what would they think of us?

So we show up broken, hurting, listless and do the same things day after day. I know what that’s like because I lived it for many years. It wasn’t until I came across a Ted Talk by Brene Brown that things began to change for me. I began to embrace the power that is found in vulnerability. Yes I said it. I have things that i’m very ashamed of but gone are the days that keep me isolated as a result of them. Instead I talk about them openly. I’ve gone so far as to create a group for Silent Sufferers and have extended a public invite for others to gather in the group and begin supporting each other in real ways. In ways that matter. Creating a safe zone for people to take off their masks and connect on a real level. Here is a link to the public invite. Let’s end Silent Suffering

I hope you find value in this post, and that you are intrigued enough to click on the link and watch the video.

Please if you know people who suffer this way, or you yourself suffer this way, I invite you to reach out and ask to be added to the group. I know if this speaks to you that you have a ton of value to share with us all. In fact the more broken and hopeless you feel the greater the depth of your value. I know that might sound a little strange but once you tap into it you’ll soon realize just how much potential you still have to be effective. That your journey hold incredible value, but the key is to figure out that the value is really found in your failures and not the veneer of your success.

So please Share this with as many people as you can or feel let to.

I appreciate your time and caring. I’m humbled by you even taking the time to read this far. Be blessed and share this shamelessly, you might just be saving a life. I know one thing for sure, you will be affecting many.

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