Let’s fill the Empty Beach Chairs

Empty Beach Chairs

Is it just me or has everyone else noticed that just about every time you take a long enough stroll down a beach you find the ever present Empty Beach Chairs. I often wonder if they make others think about the same things I think about?

Hope you don’t find me too weird, but whenever I see an empty beach chair i have to go sit in it. I look out to see what kind of view the person who was sitting there before me got to stare at. Sometimes the views are awesome, and sometimes they aren’t. But chairs on a beach fill a different kind of purpose than any other chair. For me they are places where I can take in the warmth that summer brings. I often close my eyes and simply take in the sounds, and they are plentiful.

The sounds of waves that never seem to cease. The sounds of birds, squawking especially the gulls who are constantly on the lookout for food. Click then Close your eyes and listen. My favourite sound of all is the sound of kids having fun in the surf and sun. Again for your enjoyment. I hope by now you are smiling. All this because I have some weird fascination for empty beach chairs.

Let’s make a deal, the next time you are out strolling along the beach and see an empty chair, saunter over have a sit down then close your eyes and listen.

The best part about all of this post is that i’m beginning to travel more and more and getting to experience beaches all around the world. If you want to find out how I’m doing that, scroll down to the bottom of this blog and give me a call.

Have a great day folks….unless you have other plans.


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