Like Hearted…not Like Minded

Like minded or Like Hearted? Big question and one I don’t think hits our radar nearly often enough. Here is why I think surrounding yourself with like hearted people is better.

As I move through life and as I learn more and more about myself, I understand how cunning and deceitful the mind can be. I mean really, do you ever try and stop the inner chatter because it’s leading you down roads that will not serve you well. Are you even aware of that little voice? You know what I mean. What some of the greats refer to as our “Lizard Brain”. Fun little clip Based on Seth Godin’s best selling Book Linchpin

Our minds are cold and calculating and want to serve only us. It’s in our best interest. It’s not personal it’s just business. If i’m honest with myself and I really do work at that, I know how warped my thinking can be. I know how calculating I can be. And when I catch myself it’s always so I come out ahead. Me, Me, ME! It’s to protect myself. Is that what I want to surround myself with? Heck not really. I’d be on guard most of the time trying to position things and trying not to be manipulated. I don’t want that, for me and I certainly don’t want to subject anyone I care about to it.

All IQ…I hate it. I’m looking for people who are comfortable living in the EQ realm.

Now; I often speak of the journey that is required to move from the IQ sector we mostly live in to the EQ side of things that we aren’t always comfortable in. Why because it’s where all the real resistance lives. In the average body it’s about 18″ from the head to the heart. But sometimes can be the longest journey we ever take on.

Now what’s different about the heart? I believe that we are basically good as people and that goodness lives a much stronger life in our hearts. If I follow my heart I find myself making decisions based on different criteria and the outcome is usually different.

It’s typically a more giving outcome. And in that lies an amazing gift, as we give more, we get more. It’s just the way things unfold. When I’m living life to it’s fullest potential it’s because i’m letting my heart steer me. It’s dangerous but I really believe the rewards far outweigh the pain that we sometimes experience as a result of being vulnerable.

I also know from experience that if I’m surrounding myself with like hearted people the bond is much stronger. There is no convincing, no arguing, no positioning, no wanting to control, but a much more serene gathering. People who look to serve instead of being served. People who care about others first.

So the moral of my story is, I’m learning to embrace my vulnerability and want to surround myself with people who have good hearts, because if that’s what we lead with the cunning mind has a difficult time arguing about the positive outcomes that usually take place.

Don Lachance
Have a great day….unless you have other plans.

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