It’s OK to not be OK

OK not to be OK

It’s Ok, to not be OK, in fact it’s likely the freest place you’ll ever spend quality time. But it’s not the kind of quality time that we all might be looking for.

Yep, you read that right, it’s not the kind of quality time we are looking for, but it’s because we’ve been trained to always pretend that we are. That we are OK. Why would we accept that when we really want to be outstanding, happy, understanding, cared for, accepted, admired, giving? ┬áThat list can be endless, but we settle for OK, because no one questions OK, well at least we work at surrounding ourselves with people who won’t question our being “OK”

In the last while i’ve been on a quest to find out just how powerful vulnerability and authenticity are. And i’m liking what is showing up. It’s very uncomfortable and very distant from OK, but at the same time it’s the most comfortable “I’VE” ever felt.

The objective of this exercise for me, is to create enough space for the “silent sufferer” to feel comfortable enough to take off their masks and connect on a real level. It’s all i have ever wanted as a caring, giving person is that place to connect, to fit in. What i’m realizing is that we only get to fit in, by standing out. My entire world is being turned upside down and i’m fine with that, in fact it’s very freeing.

I’m spending more and more time moving from my head and taking up residence in my Heart. There aren’t as many contradictions and I don’t always have to be right there. In fact when I surrender to what surfaces emotionally for me in my heart the need to be right doesn’t exist. I love it.

If you have been struggling with resistance and feeling like you spend most of your time alone, even when out in crowds, give me a call, or reach out to me here if you catch this blog post. I’m not looking to fix you, but more to create space for you to want to fix some of the things that might be keeping you from all that you are meant to be.

Let’s create a zone where the broken can be heard, share their pain, let their voices come out without the fear of being judged and learn from each other in a place that is unfamiliar but sought by so many. All my contact info is somewhere on this blog, if you want it poke around and put it to use but in the meantime….


Have a great day…unless you have other plans.

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