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Is it time for another kick at the can? I have to put my money on Twitter. If you think it is, then maybe you should join me. I’ll be the first to tell you, that as a 64 years old with a desire to really understand how to battle in the digital realm I made a decision to go back to school. No not your typical school, but I did want to find someone or something that could help me on that front. My search began in earnest when I realized that many of the platforms in the digital realm really only teach people how to mimic marketing tactics. I was looking for something that would actually teach me the skills that are required. Something that would provide me with a deep understanding and the mechanics of how things actually worked.

Now I don’t know about you, and don’t know where you are in life as a boomer. If you are anything like me and find yourself in a situation that is less than favourable don’t give up hope. I say less than favourable because most of my adult life I’ve had the ability to turn on the money tap and as a result of that retirement and savings were always a distant thought. Then one day I found myself out of work and at an age that left me in a pretty precarious place. I was too old for people to really consider me for the face paced worlds they believed they lived in. Over qualified on many fronts, but viewed as archaic without even so much as a conversation.

The other challenge was the fact that I didn’t really want to report to a 24 year old who had just left school and was still living at home with his or her parents. What was I to do. I began taking some personal development courses and was introduced to the great Napoleon Hill and a quote in his book Think and Grow Rich, changed the course of my life. “We Find What we Look For”. 

And so my journey began. I knew others were making a living via the social media platforms and some of them were making more than a decent living. I joined a few online marketing platforms that promised me great riches but the majority of them really didn’t teach the actual skills. Yes they made the info available but it was a real challenge trying to figure out where the beginning was and what the order was for the daily tasks that needed to get completed. When posing questions either to a sponsor or in the closed support groups the answers were pretty much all the same. “Go back and watch the video”. It was discouraging because no one seemed to really understand how to teach the proper sequencing of events or tasks that needed to take place in order to experience the success that was promised. Not everyone learns the same way and it was obvious to me that although there were people who did succeed on these platforms, the riches and success remained elusive to me and it was almost impossible to get any form of one on one time.

It was through one of these platforms that I did find an individual who was hosting weekly webinars and was providing many people like myself with some incredible free value so I began to watch him closely. I studied what he was doing for roughly a year and then it happened. He advised everyone that he was going to be putting out a course on the very platform that had launched him into the stratosphere of success and that he was not going to leave any stones unturned.

During his regular Sunday Webinars he began to share that he had really experienced his online career launch when he cracked the code to Twitter. Now I had a Twitter account be didn’t know the first real thing about the platform but I did know that the President of the USA was using faithfully and every one of the UFC Mega Stars I followed used it. All of this seemed cool but did it really have the ability to change the playing field for an older guy like me?

He decided to make his training course available via an online training school he aptly named  Branding YOUniversity and the emphasis was placed on an incredible Twitter training package he offered at a ridiculously low price. I got to really understand how ridiculously it was priced as I began to plug in and really get into the training. There it was, all the sequencing in place, he had actually accomplished what he had set out to do and was to demystify the complexity of this powerful platform. He called his product Twitter Lead Machine.

Each module has an overview and very detailed video that really does unravel the incredible power that this training delivers. I’m happy to say that I’m earning revenue as I type this and know beyond the shadow of a doubt that with this new skill and access to the training that is provided on really Branding myself. The future looks brighter than it ever has.

Now here is my one Caveat for anyone wishing to take this training. It really is going back to school and it’s a tremendous amount of work. But it’s laid out in an easy format that is very doable. It has all the training modules and is a forever green offering. It has all the downloadable files required.

So if you find yourself in a situation like I was in and not sure what to do about your future, check out the training. It might just be the thing that changes everything for you.

Have a great day…unless you have other plans.

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