Saying Goodbye is not always forever.


Years ago on Jan 15, you got called home. As a result of your untimely death I know that saying goodbye is not always forever. I’m grateful that we got a chance to yak on the phone with you the previous evening. We were to begin our Movie Matinee adventures on the 16th, but you were called home as you slept. After the incredibly difficult to non existing relationship we experienced as I grew up, it’s comforting to know that we had made a pact to work through our differences and that we worked through some very difficult things only to get to the other side with new found respect for one another. I was at a loss when it came to getting you anything for Christmas. It was compounded by the fact that your Birthday was on the 24th of December, and you decided it would also be a great day to get married again. I figured it out and bought you a gift card to the Cinema.

I remember calling you from the dog park the night before, to make arrangements for me to pick you up so we could attend a later matinee because I had a meeting scheduled that I just couldn’t re-schedule. Long story short, the next day as I was sitting in the meeting, my cell phone rang. I looked down and saw your number. I was sitting in the meeting and let the phone ring until it went to voicemail. About a minute later my home number showed up on my phone. Knowing you and what you were like when you wanted to talk to me, I was sure you had called my wife to leave her with the instructions that it was urgent that I call you. Again I ignored the call. I smiled to myself, but smiled nonetheless. Then I heard the phone ring in the office where I was having the meeting and for some strange reason I knew in my heart that you were gone.

The receptionist was making her way up the stairs to the boardroom we were sitting in and the look on her face confirmed what was in my heart. She opened the door to the boardroom and before she could speak I said: “it’s about my dad isn’t it”? She nodded and asked if I could call your place. Leenie picked up and confirmed that you had died in your sleep during the night.

I excused myself from the meeting and drove to your place. It was almost calming for me to see you there in forever sleep because I knew the suffering from weak lungs, the fatigue from all the chemo treatments and radiation were done. The battle was over.

I can’t begin to tell how grateful I am that the last words we spoke were, “I love you Dad” only to you hear say in return “I love you son” Those were the last words we exchanged. How free am I? likely as free as you are now! Miss you Dad.

The Red Headed Kid


  1. Peter George

    Strong words Don and I am glad you feel free

  2. Catharin Lachance

    Loving soothing words. Gone but Never forgotten. Miss you too Dad. ❤️❤️

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