Are you looking for a Second Chance

Second Chance

Are you looking for a Second Chance? I don’t know about most of you who will read this article but I sure do know about myself and I’ve had the humbling experience of living a life of many second chances.
I think the real 1st second chance I got was my introduction to A.A. There were likely things that happened prior to that but it was so significant in nature that it has a tendency to stand out among all of my second chances. Not that it was any more important, because after all a Second Chance is a Second Chance.

I remember attending my first meeting and thinking: “Man who let these guys know I was coming”? It felt like they had been reading from my mail!

I first entered the rooms with a warped sense of values and zero clue how to really deal with life, because I’d been numbing for so long, that dealing with things by “not” dealing with them was automatic for me and seemed normal. After getting over the shock that there were actually more people like me, who suffered through the same things, who had been faced with the same challenges as me but had been able to make different choices, well let’s just say that sent me for a loop.

I was mesmerized by the Motto’s that hung proudly on the church basement walls, “First Things First” “Think, Think, Think”. They were words but I didn’t know what they meant, nor was I equipped to put any of them into practice. It wasn’t until I began to share my shortcomings with some of the people there that another great Motto came into play for me that slowed things down and let me know that time has a way of dealing with things. “Easy Does it” Wow how freeing do you think that was for me?

I’d love to be able to tell you that my healing and learning was an instant deal, but it wasn’t…I “white knuckled” for three years, which is really nothing more than a term to say that I was still dealing with Life by not dealing with it. There was no serenity in my life, only an amplified sense as to how messed up I really was. I kept going to meetings and listened and this is where the magic happened. I began to understand that I needed to surrender to the emotion of feeling like I needed to control things. I was receiving an opportunity to step into a second chance and let go of all the struggle so that I could really begin to live for the first time. It’s then and there that “recovery” took on a new meaning and all of a sudden had purpose.

I stepped into what I believed was really a second chance to experience health of mind, body and soul, but there was much work involved. Work I was willing to undertake because I knew where that road would lead me. I knew because many had gone before me and I could simply make the decision to follow. That road led me to healthier decision making, some of them difficult but necessary for me to save what was left of my life. So for the first time in some cases really took on the responsibility for where I was in life and who I was.

Let me list a few other Second Chances I’ve experienced and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I’ll be faced with the ability to take many more. In fact if we live our lives with gusto and purpose we get to choose as many second chances as we want. <—-How’s that for a good news statement?

A.A. for a second chance that there is life outside the bottle and all of it’s numbing effects.
My first wife Val who taught me the very hard lesson that Healing and Well being are difficult decisions that only we can make.
My wife Lauren as a second chance for me to be a better husband and partner.
My Son Vince who I fathered at the ripe age of 17 and gave up, who connected with me via Facebook a few years ago, and giving me the knowledge that life can be as kind as it is cruel.
My Son Trent who suffered my inept parenting because I’d only raised daughters from my first marriage and didn’t know how to relate to another male in my house.
My Daughters, Melissa, Salinna and Chelsea who have allowed me to grow imperfectly and continue to give me second chances to hone my parenting skills
My 8 Grandkids for loving me as the person that my kids tell them I am. I’ll continue to step into second chances on that front and I’ll get better and better.
My friends and colleagues who continue to challenge me on my decision making skills so I can muster up the courage to continue wanting second chances on the work front

I hope you can see what all of this is leading up to folks. It’s leading up to you recognizing that if you are in any kind of situation that has you wondering what it’s all about, and how you can maybe change things up so you have a better experience. Make the decision right now to ask for or take that Second Chance. There are so many things that you can help change but only you can make that decision. I hope you make the right one.

Here is a video that will share a lot of the same values and maybe will speak more to those who need the visual and audio format for things to become real.

Decide to take that Second Chance?

Just want to take a second to ask you an important question. If this speaks to you I’m thrilled, but if it doesn’t and you just happen to know someone who could possibly benefit from this then please take a minute and share this post with them? I’ll be forever grateful and I’m 100% positive they will be as well.



Have a great day folks….unless you have other plans.



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