Showing Gratitude for an unexpected Birthday Gift!

Gratitude iMac

Showing Gratitude for an unexpected Birthday Gift. Not a difficult thing for me to do, but I do certainly struggle with receiving gifts.

The waves of emotion were suffocating and the only word I can truly use to describe how I was feeling was overwhelmed. It came from out of left field. I just wasn’t expecting it. I was quietly working in my office and I heard the doorbell ring. I paid it no mind because I hadn’t ordered anything and I was expecting anything so shrugged it off. A few minutes later my wife comes to my office door and says: “Cat, I need you to lift the box that was just delivered, it’s too big for me to deal with”. So I unplug me earbuds and head out to the hallway to investigate wondering what the heck did she order now?

As I entered the foyer and looked at the box, I noticed instantly that it had Peter and Jane George’s address on it. What in the heck? I bent down and picked up the box. It was heavy but nothing was shifting or moving around so I asked my wife to get the doors as I maneuvered my way through through them and down the hall to my office. I got out my X-acto Knife and cut through the packing tape to open the flaps. I took a deep breath and peeled them both back at the same time. I looked up at my wife slack jawed, not knowing what to say or how I felt. There it was sitting in the box and almost looking back at me a 21.5″ iMac. Keyboard and wireless mouse. A sealed card, and two other gifts accompanied this beast of a machine.

My wife sat silently on the small bench that sits in my office and solicited a response…..I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know how I felt and if there was an inclination as to how I felt I certainly didn’t have a place to put all the emotion in that very instant. I was reeling. Such a big gift and to think that they had concocted to have it shipped all the way from Australia, well that was a feat in and of itself. I had to sit and allow the emotions to simply hit me, wave after wave. Much of the initial feelings were discomfort, things like this aren’t supposed to happen to me. Then joy would wash over me, then increasing emotions of gratitude as it all began to sink in. I kept looking at my world clock and it was still 4:00 a.m. Australian time, way to early to call Pete and Jane, but everything in me wanted to just yell out to them.My Friends

Now i’m accustomed to my wife doing extra special things for me and I also have very creative kids who are thoughtful and good gift givers, but to have friends from around the Globe put something like this together with me in mind just has me bursting with wonder. Wonder is a great way for me to describe it because I’m still wrestling with where to put all this goodness and I’m not talking about the physical sense of where to put things but on the emotional plane! It’s sometimes crippling for me to receive things. You see on the giving end i’m great, but some of the most important lessons that my wife and these friends are helping equip me with is the ability to receive with grace. Not an easy task for me, but one I’m working through and learning that it’s a ok to feel good and for others to feel good about giving to me yet more importantly me feeling comfortable with receiving.

The more I think about it, the more people have been coming into my life who help me on that front. I’ll save this list for another post. So all in all it’s been a pretty exciting few days for me. Now i’m working at just allowing the feelings of gratitude to wash over me as I sit here typing this blog entry on my iMac with it’s big screen and awesome keyboard. Next steps will be for me to use the migration tool to move some of my data and files over onto this machine so that I have everything I need to keep working with a monitor that doesn’t wreak havoc with my eyes.

Thanks so much Peter and Jane George, and to you also Laurent Richardson, you guys sure know how to make someone feel special.

I’ve captured my feelings and thoughts in a short clip here for you to enjoy because the visual is always an added element that helps bring clarity and let’s you see it in a tangible way. Showing Gratitude for an Unexpected Birthday Gift.


Have a great day folks…unless you have other plans.


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