Stand up and be heard.

I must admit, that standing up and letting your voice be heard is uncomfortable to say the least. However I don’t think it’s as uncomfortable as the long term effect of “not doing it”.

In all honesty we have a responsibility to share the things that are in our Hearts. You see none of us quite think exactly the same, and your story and views are very important to share. As many of you know I spend quiet time with my wife every morning as we talk about the previous days activities  set up our activities for the current day. She is following this blog and I value her opinion and seek feedback from her. She is brave and shares things that I sometimes don’t necessarily want to hear. I have to put my emotions aside and take her feedback into consideration without letting what she shares offend me. That’s the hard part.

You see, I want everything I do to have the utmost impact and in a positive way. The challenge with that is that i’m brand new to blogging and haven’t quite hit my groove or my stride, but according to one of my mentors (Seth Godin) “we need to be willing to be not very good at them before we are good at them”.

The best way in my opinion to get good at things is to do them despite the feelings. To be brave enough to ask for the feedback, and to be willing to get better as you move through the process. To weigh the feedback and allow it to provide you with clarity in the way you say certain things, or phrase how things impact you and/or could impact others.

You see, there is a sphere of influence and people that only you will ever be able to impact. If you don’t stand up and let your voice be heard, then they run the risk of never knowing the things that only you could ever open their eyes to, or teach, or make aware that there are options for them to step into.

Don’t allow your reach to be limited. We have so many options available to us for sharing “SELF” and it’s important that you understand that only you can do that.

Take the risk, be willing to learn. Be more willing to pass that knowledge on because it’s a little known fact that the best way to keep things alive in your heart and mind, is to willingly give them away.

You will begin to attract the people who want to take part in what you are doing, who will begin to draw things out of you as they begin to pull that info from you. They’ll have their own reasons for following, mimicking, learning, and even sharing the value you bring to the table.

So in the end, if you want to get good at something, then you have to be not so good at it first. The rewards will far outweigh the discomfort you have to go through to experience it.

Hope you enjoyed this today. If you did, then please share this with others and comment so that I can get good at what i’m doing because together we are smarter than anyone of us.

Don Lachance
Have a great day….unless you have other plans.


  1. once again another great article Don

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