Things were great until they weren’t!


Things were great until they weren’t

Wow! What was I supposed to do? I was 55 years old, the industry I was serving crumbled almost overnight.

The skills from my previous Hi Tech Life were deemed as being archaic. And to be honest did I really want to report to a 24 year old if I did find work?

Two years looking for work and was either over qualified, or the season wasn’t right? <–really meaning I was a little long in the tooth for them.

Those two years took an amazing toll on me. They affected me on so many fronts. Psychologically, Emotionally, Spiritually, I was bankrupt on every front.

I owed money to the Government. I owed money to my kids.

The most difficult thing to deal with was accepting that I’d actually gotten to this place despite being a fairly smart guy, with some great skills, who for that very reason had pushed the responsibility of retirement and savings off every year…..I was gifted at turning on the money tap. Until all of a sudden I wasn’t.

There is a silver lining to all of this, because I realized the world was a changing place and that I could learn new skills, I could begin to compete with myself and no one else, to compete with my ability to learn how to survive in a digital world. So I sought out People I believed could help me. And as the Great Napoleon Hill stated: “We Find What We Look For

Mentors who were skilled in the digital realm began to surface and I continued to dig because what I was realizing was that some teachers had great technology savvy and they had surrounded themselves with people who had great marketing skills.

There were teachers who owned great marketing skills and they surrounded themselves with others who had strong technology skills.

But I kept searching because I felt like something was missing.

I’m glad I did because my search led me to a young man who not only had all the technical and programming skills, but he also had an incredible depth in the marketing realm and he was surrounding himself with people who were subject matter experts but were challenged in “Branding Themselves”.

His whole passion is all about helping people help themselves.

Needless to say I’ve plugged in and now i’m promoting myself using this amazing little tool. You can access it here:  Check out my Blog.

The educational Platform he’s developed is Called Branding YOUniversity and you can access it here: Branding YOUniversity

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