Are Traveling and Dining even on your Radar?


Are Traveling and Dining even on your Radar? Is it something that you dream about or think about often?

I must confess, that my bucket list of desired destinations is strongly driven by my desire to experience Asian Street food. I think my passion for Asian food was birthed out of feelings of “want” or even “loss”. Let me explain a little. I was raised by my grandparents and them having come through the depression created somewhat of a bland menu on the home front. The staples were meals that they claimed “would stick to your ribs” I guess a short way of saying “in this house we eat, stew, and boiled dinners, meat and potatoes”. We never got to order pizza, or chinese food, or anything even remotely exotic. Don’t get me wrong the menu was hearty and always fresh because my grandfather still shopped at eh local farmer’s market daily.

The reason I mention that my passion was birthed out of “want or loss” was, and sometimes still is a very vivid memory of me sitting staring out the living room window as roughly an 8 year old. I was glued there because my grandmother had told me that my father was coming to visit after work and that he was bringing Chinese Food. I’d never had it, but knew from riding my bike down one of our mainstreets that the smells that emanated from our Local Chinese Food take out were alluring and they would always make my mouth water.

Well needless to say, and maybe you have already guessed, my Dad was a “no show”. The desire to experience Asian foods just grew stronger and stronger and it wasn’t until I was working and earning my own money that I got to experience the flavours and delicacies that awaited me. I fell in love with the menu and that was only local Chinese Food. There were no Thai, or Vietnamese, or Korean restaurants yet. Little did I know what was in store for me. As these cultural gems began to surface I found myself in my definition of what Heaven is. I think my obsession could have been deemed somewhat unhealthy, because during early marriage years I’d neglect paying one of my monthly bills in order for us to have Asian take out.

Well i’m grown up now, at least on some fronts, and have access to an amazing app because of a unique membership I hold. A membership that has provided me with an ability to build a bucket list of not only destinations but also dining experiences I want to experience and I’ve built that list and now I’m going to be busy checking them off my list.

Here is a sampling of some of the places and some of the dishes that I’m looking to experience. Because of the cool membership I’m part of, Traveling and Dining are very much part of a very achievable goal for me. I hope you enjoy the list and welcome any feedback from readers on what some of their Dream Destinations and foods are. Happy Traveling and Dining peeps.

Some of My Asian Dining Bucket List

Hope to catch some of my fellow members in some of these locations as we travel and dine our way around the awesome globe we live on.


Have a great day folks…unless you have other plans.

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