Unhappy, Time Broke and Frustrated


I learned something this week while visiting a vibrant and exciting new place that has long been on my bucket list. I’m in Australia and had an opportunity to grab coffee and have a brief chat with someone while I was traipsing through one of the many malls. I certainly wasn’t looking for people who are Unhappy, Time Broke, and Frustrated but at the same time, i’m coming to realize that there are a significant number of people who feel that way. 

Another interesting fact is that they don’t just live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada where i’m from. The more I listen during conversations globally, the more I hear those exact terms being shared by people I have conversations with.

The gentleman I met with was a professional and a very successful one, at least it all seemed that way if we were judging his success by the standard measuring tools. He had the big house, the fancy cars, the big boat, kids who were doing well in school and wife who supported him. All seems good doesn’t it?…but here’s the rub. He just wasn’t happy. A few bad business decisions and unscrupulous partners left him in a situation that saw all of his hard work fall apart and he found himself losing everything he had worked so hard for. Most people would throw in the towel at this point but something happened that began to turn things around for him.

Someone shared an option with him. They didn’t come screaming at him declaring they had a great opportunity, or promising him riches and success, they simply showed up in a real way and shared an option with him.

Because they showed up authentically and shared this option humbly, it created the space for him to truly connect and begin to see that with some hard work this option might just be the answer that he was looking for. He was accustomed to hard work, and wasn’t looking for easy, he was searching for possible.

Now here comes the fun part. He took advantage of the option his friend presented him with and plugged in and he seriously got to work. He had made a decision that he was going to develop the skills he needed to not only make a difference in his life, but he committed to sharing his story in a real way that would create the space for many others who find themselves, Unhappy, Time Broke and Frustrated.

He’s happy now and is successfully leading other “Up and Outers” to the same option he was offered and empowering them to choose a different path than the one that currently has them frustrated.

I understand that many are feeling the same way this man did and i’m also equipped with the very same option. If this blog post speaks to you connect with me so we can have a conversation, or if you know someone who feels the same way my new Australian friend does, share this with them and have them contact me. My contact info is at the bottom of the blog.


Have a great day folks….unless you have other plans.



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