Unplugging Is that the answer or the challenge?

I love my morning chats with my wife. It’s a ritual of ours. Every morning we sit before anyone else is up and we enjoy our early morning coffee as we discuss the activities of the previous day and find out what is taking place each other’s upcoming day.

It’s often a time when we discuss our goals, our frustrations, and have the sometimes hard discussions around topics like “How family activity” is really affecting us.
A term that is often heard among, not only us, but on many occasions with others is “Man I just need to unplug”

It got me thinking about what that really means and is the term accurate?

If we do unplug, do we unplug from the right things?

I think about the things that boost me, or power me up and it’s all the things that I’m passionate about. I bet it’s the same for you. I think what happens when we get taxed by family situations, or things that pull us away from the things we are passionate about are the things that, well, unplug¬†us. They unplug us from the source that fuels us, or regenerates us.

That’s when we feel the drain, at least in my case that’s what i’m discovering. Think about it, you spend time on your cell phone doing the things you love and get annoyed when the battery begins to fade because it’s keeping you from continuing doing what you love if you don’t have access to power so you can recharge it. The first chance you get you plug it in so you can continue with the things that fuel you. In fact how many people do you know have extra batteries, or carry around charging cords, or special phone cases so this doesn’t happen to them?

I’m realizing that the things that drain me are the negative, taxing things that in most instances come from others. Working at meeting everyone else’s demands on my time. Not being good or comfortable with saying “NO”. If I look long and hard at this, it’s often saying “NO” to people who have a hard time accepting “NO” from others, but are quick to present “NO” from their end and don’t feel the discomfort. That’s when I realize that getting caught up in those situations are the times that I find I’ve been unplugged! I’ve been unplugged from¬†the things that I’m passionate about, the things that boost my power levels, the things that provide me with the drive and stamina to keep going.

I guess I share all of this to maybe equip those who read this, with an awareness that when we feel the need, or say things like i need to unplug. Is it really the exact opposite! Have you been unplugged and you really need to Plug back In?

If you got any value from this, please share with others and leave me any comments. I love feedback and the opportunity to grow and learn.
Don Lachance


  1. Rob

    Thanks for this post Don! It is words like this in your blog post that I want and need to stay plugged into. Inspiration! Connection with great friends and people with higher vision. Thanks brother!

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