Value Added Syndication Project – Jean Wayne Belliveau


Value Added Syndication Project – Jean Wayne Belliveau


Well, let me start by saying John Wayne Belliveau your a gem of a man and our lives are a better place because you are part of it. I can’t believe that it’s been all these years already. I guess the old saying “Time Flies when you are having a good time” is applicable in our case.

From our early morning coffee’s and deep discussions to the laugher and lightness that makes up our impromptu back yard BBQ’s, you are always smiling, always looking to lend a hand. You’ve worked wonders in our lives with your financial knowledge and brilliance. All those skills are one thing, but your incredible servants heart is what get’s us every time.

From the long hours spent working wonders with our finances you have also stepped into the lives of some of our kids and made huge impacts on some of their financial habits. Kudos to you because you were able to transmit mindset and disciplines that just don’t ever seem to get communicated effectively by parents.

Every time we have referred you to a friend, they have come back to us and told us what a positive experience it’s been having you assist them in making changes and sound decisions.

In the last couple of months you once again have gone above and beyond any normal person’s drive to serve and we know beyond the shadow of a doubt that what you helped us do cost you greatly. You never flinched and the level of care that you provide us with seemed to increase rather than decrease.

We count ourselves very fortunate people to say the least, to have found such a great friend, and confidante that we know we can turn to for sound advice when it comes to financial matters.

To everyone who reads this or might come across this do yourselves a favour and reach out to this guy. World Financial Group – Ask for Jean Wayne Belliveau

If he isn’t able to assist you he’ll let you know and will likely connect you to the best possible source to help solve the challenge you might be currently facing.

John we love you man. And to think we met while plugging into a personal development course and were studying Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” We mon ami, you certainly have given me much to think about over the years and we are certainly rich because of your kindness and friendship.

To many more years together, because I know as we get back on our feet you’ll be one help manage and guide us on our financial journey.

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