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Well here it is folks, the continuation of the Value Added Syndication Project.

Sometimes people cross your path and for some strange reason they affect you way more than others do. I’m not always sure why it happens but I’m developing the discipline to pay attention when I notice it. Not only to pay attention but to make a point of sharing the value they bring to the table with people that are connected to me in order to make sure my friends, colleagues and followers get the same opportunity to be exposed to these gems.

One specific person that’s having an impact on how I view the digital world is Marc (with a “C’) Lalonde. Also known as “The Wealthy Trainer

I’m going to include a link to his site here for you so it’s easy for you to find him. I strongly urge you to dig around and I’m 100% positive you’ll find something that will enrich your life and the way you think about marketing online.

One of the things that I found appealing was his complete willingness to be his authentic self. He is simply a passionate giver and makes no bones about providing some incredible value and he does this without charging people. His past training as a professional programmer has added an ability for him to view the digital world with a much different understanding than most of us have. I don’t want to give away any of his “secrets”, but he does have a very deep understanding of “Why” things work the way they do in the digital realm and that gives him a leg up on a lot of other people who attempt to provide the same type of service he does.

With over a Million followers on Twitter, he’s become quite a celebrity on that front and is frequently interviewed by known internet hosts who have him speak to their entire audiences and Marc never fails to deliver incredible value and again he does it all by giving it away.

He works under a strict motto he refers to as TWIT, and that stands for Teach What I Teach. In other words don’t just apply what I teach you, learn it and then teach it to your following. He understands that the ripple effect he creates that way will have a far wider reach than him doing it all on his own.

So I hope you understand why I’m excited about sharing his mindset and his skills with you. It’s my way of giving back and helping to Teach what he’s Teaching me so the ripple effect has a much wider reach.

I’ll continue to share gems like this as these teachers and outstanding givers cross my path and I find that their sites and mind’s need to exposed to more people. It’s my way of giving back. So I hope you enjoy my posts that will fall under the Value Added Syndication Project banner. If we all do our small parts we will help implement big changes and isn’t that what we all really want?


Have a great day folks…unless you have other plans.

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